London Block Management Services – How can you measure them?


Management, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is described as ‘the application of skill or care in the manipulation of a thing or person’. In basic terms, your London block management company will contractually manage and maintain the common areas of the building where you own a leasehold property.

So, how can you ensure that what you’ve asked your Managing Agent to handle is actually being done? How can London block management companies provide concrete evidence of these actions?

How can big data benefit London block management companies and their clients?

Measurement of performance often relies on numerical statistics. For instance, choosing to dine at a particular restaurant might depend on its percentage feedback score, average cost per item, etc.

Similarly, you should expect the same type of analysis from your London block management company.

During many proposal meetings, I am frequently asked the same questions:

  • How good are you at ‘X’ service?
  • What makes your company better than ‘Y’?

The main comparison between property management companies usually boils down to the overall cost of the service rather than the value being provided.

Instead of just answering these questions, what if a company could offer statistical evidence year after year, showcasing a wide range of performance indicators? This would enable you to make the best decisions for both the property and its residents.

Strangford Management provides in-depth, statistical reports detailing how the property has been managed, the property managers’ actions throughout the year, and the contractors’ performance, ensuring a MEASURABLE customer service.

Contact us today to discover how our analytical approach can benefit your property.

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