Who are Strangford Management

We are a company of property management specialists who understand the essential mix of modern management methods and personal relationships in the successful management of residential buildings.

We specialise in creating value and optimising a buildings potential, tying this in with our unique procedural approach that has been tried and tested over years of building management. 

Our Story

Back in 2015, when our founder Michael Paul was working for a rival managing agent, he found the property management industry filled with out-dated systems, too much paperwork and poorly motivated employees. It became obvious to him that this led to an inefficient service along with property managers bogged down in unnecessary procedures.

Realising there was a better way to managing buildings and service leaseholders, Michael set up Strangford Management with the promise that each of his clients would receive a straightforward, strategic approach to improving their building, creating relationships that would last, with property managers that were not overburdened with clients and could spend the time necessary to make a real difference.

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We Stand Out from
the Crowd

Our team are constantly striving for ways to make the service our clients receive better, whether that be through the marketing leading online portals that we set up each client on, the very latest online payment methods making it easier and faster, to automated processes that clients can complete online shortening processes by days.

We understand that property management is the process of managing the clients in order to effectively manage their buildings and therefore our drive for innovation is focused on those benefits, both internally and externally, leading to an unrivalled level of customer service that can be seen throughout each employee of Strangford Management.


The Standards
We Set

Strangford Management are committed to the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and expertise, both on a company level and an individual level.

Strangford Management is full member and regulated by the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA), regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as well as members of the Property Ombudsman.

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