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Specialist services for RMC Directors.

Strangford Management specialises in the management of buildings with Residents Management Companies and Right to Manage Companies in place. We understand your needs for a highly communicative and proactive approach to the ongoing management of your building and as such have the experienced staff in place to cater for even the most problematic of buildings.

Specialist services for RMC Directors.

Undertaking the role of a Director of a Residents’ Management Company (RMC) or Residents Freehold Company (RFC) can be daunting and in certain circumstances quite overwhelming. The administrative burden, in addition to your regular day to day commitments can cause significant pressure on you, we understand that all too well. Whether your apartment is an asset or a home to you, your development should be managed to the highest of standards, ensuring the value of your property is secured now and, in the future, with this being at the heart of all we do.

One of the areas in which we make the most significant impact is working directly with Directors of RMC’s and RFC’s, having structured the company in a manner that is ideally suited to this type of client meaning you can rest assured that you are working with a specialist company, specifically tailored to your needs.

Directors of RMC’s require knowledge in a range of areas including health and safety, project management, finance, company law and procedures as well as many others. All our staff are expertly trained in each discipline allowing them to guide and assist you, providing technical information as well as relieving you of the legal and administrative burden.

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What makes Strangford Management
uniquely positioned to work with
RMC Directors:


1) Our specialist pod structure.

You will no doubt be used to having a singular point of contact, a Property Manager, which is simply not effective for the needs of most clients. At Strangford Management we listened to our RMC’s and have structured each client with a ‘pod’ consisting of a Property Manager, Junior Property Manager and a Client Accountant meaning your pod are working directly with you ensuring you receive the most proactive approach to management.


2) Transparent monthly financial reporting.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t have any information on the financial health of your development, how much has been spent in the last month or so, who hasn’t paid what and so on. We have therefore created fully transparent financial reports, sent to you monthly which include detailed expenditure in the last month, year to date budget analysis, bank balances, arrears levels and so much more.


3) Our fee is truly all-inclusive.

Strangford Management is built on the foundations of financial transparency and one way to truly prove this is to provide a fully all-inclusive management fee meaning all our services for the RMC (and we do mean all) are covered in one singular management fee each year, no hidden costs, no inflated invoices, no arguments over the bills.


4) Health and safety focus

We understand the importance of health and safety management and asset compliance and therefore we have partnered with a risk assessment specialist company that provides a digital platform to manage and track each asset at your development, ensuring they are all being maintained, serviced and fully compliant in line with legislation. This safeguards you from any future compliance issues, giving you peace of mind that your development is safe.

What makes our block
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