Property Management For Developers

Our team has a long and successful history of consulting on new build developments from initial planning through to the sale and future management with a variety of clients from one off developers through to seasoned companies.


How can the property developers provide you with value at each stage of your development?


Stage 1 - Pre Construction

We will provide a consultancy service to Architects and Designers to ensure that the estate is constructed in a manner which will provide long term manageability. Legal, site construction, functionality, budgetary requirements shall all be discussed and scrutinised during this stage balancing the goals of our client with the livability of the Leaseholders future home.


Stage 2 - Construction

During the construction phase Strangford Management shall liaise mainly with your contractors on site to ensure consistent reviewing of any problems are carried out so that you may make any changes swiftly, preventing any delays in the build. Ongoing reviews shall include construction, financial and customer service issues.


Stage 3 – Sales and taking occupancy

With most activity for Strangford Management occurring during this stage, it is vital that all matters considered and reviewed during stages 1 and 2 have now been put in place to allow for a smooth sale and occupation phase. First impressions do last and therefore Strangford Management will arrange to be on site frequently during this stage to assist in any way required.


Stage 4 – Future Management:

Strangford Management not only provide expert advice on the most appropriate vehicle for the management of the building but we create a sense of community along with personal, long term relationships with Leaseholders and therefore we are best placed to provide professional yet personal, modern yet experienced support in the planning, construction and future management of your development.