The ultimate strategy to improving the management of your building

A 6 week plan for dramatic improvement 


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    In this document, we have focussed on the areas that will make the biggest impact in the shortest timeframe. The role of a Property Manager is vast and requires an extensive skillset so remember to contact a professional should you require specialist advice.

    Before we can start the turnaround process, first we need to understand where we are and get a baseline so not only can we identify the gaps and problems, but also to quantify the improvements made after the 6 weeks are complete.

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    There is an old saying, ‘if you get your numbers right, the rest is easy’. Whilst this is slightly simplistic in its approach, we would agree that ensuring the developments financial health is in order is essential to a well-run development.


    Before we can work on improvements, we need to ensure your development is compliant, safe and fully assessed.

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    Future Strategy of Works

    We have so far been looking back on what has happened in the past but it is also important to look towards the future, at what can be for your development and what improvements can be introduced to better the experience for all. 


    One of the biggest problem areas, that we see time and time again, are issues with communication with leaseholders. Not enough communication, poor content within the communication, late communication and so on.

    6 Week Building Turnaround Strategy

    Don't just take our word for it, here's a few words from our clients:

    "Michael Paul who runs Strangford Management is very diligent and responsive. I am a resident in one of the blocks that he has been managing for the past few years. Strangford have provided very good value for the service charges and sinking funds that are paid per year by maintaining / refurbishing / renovating the block in a very cost effective manner."