Free and simple property maintenance checklist for this Winter

Property Maintenance Checklist London

Property Maintenance Checklist For You:

Check and service your boiler

Why: as we mentioned during Gas Safety Week, it is essential to the longevity of your boiler, to have it serviced. As we approach winter, it is also very important to check BEFORE the cold nights arrive, that your boiler is in full working order. You don’t want to be caught without heating and hot water in the middle of Winter now would you.
How: Contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer to professionally service your boiler.

Clean your windows and windowsills

Why: Along with the rain and cold nights comes the ice which expands and can cause damage to your property.
How: To prevent future damage, clean and clear all dirt from windowsills so that water runs off easily. Make sure that the windows are clean and do not have any silicone tears or small cracks, if you do discover any, having them repaired by a professional will save you money down the line.

Check your home for any damp

Why: Damp can come in typically 3 different forms, Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp and Condensation. Each form has a different way to resolve. It is important to get these issues resolved before winter as all three forms can become worse during the wet and cold weather.
How: Many different property maintenance companies in London can provide not only a free survey to identify which form of damp you are experiencing but also the cost of repair. We use a selection of damp proofing companies as part of our preferred supplier list so contact us today if you believe you have an issue.

Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Why: It goes without saying but it is imperative that you check on a regular basis your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, we suggest a weekly test to be on the safe side and it takes only a second.
How: each device will come with a guidance document of how to test it. If you don’t have this any longer, most companies will have a general manual online for you to download.

Clear wastepipes

Why: Generally pipes are built to withstand the elements however why they become blocked with fat, food, hair etc, this can lead to problems. By ignoring your pipes this can cause a build up with the backlog come back into your sink or bath or even worse, leaks could appear behind walls or floors meaning costly repairs.
How: a simple measure is to use a widely available drain unblocker which you can buy at most supermarkets, this should help prevent larger issues. If you do have a larger issue, contact us immediately and we can advise who to contact to remove any blockages and repair any leaks.

Bring any outdoor furniture inside

Why: a simple yet easily forgotten issue, make sure any furniture that can be stored inside, brought inside during the winter months to prevent rust and damage.
How: most outdoor furniture can be folded and put away in a cupboard until we see the sun again.

Property Maintenance Checklist For Us:

Clear gutters and downpipes

Why: similar to clearing your internal pipework, the buildings gutters and downpipes can become blocked with objects, leaves, moss. Hopperheads (the box at the top of a downpipe) typically become blocked if left unattended causing leaks and overflowing, which in turn can lead to penetrative damp, cracked render, building discolouration to name but a few.
How: we put in place a regular gutter and downpipe check and clear as part of our ongoing property maintenance strategy. With regular reviews, typically quarterly, ensure that we don’t expose the building to these costly repairs further down the line.

Check roofs whilst the sun is out

Why: stating the obvious, you will only know about a roof leak when the rain comes and by that time, its often too late. Roof leaks cause significant damage and in some circumstances cost a lot of time and money to resolve so its best to check the roof before the rainy season.
How: our regular visual inspection (where accessible) will prevent any obvious problems but an annual review from a professional contractor may save money in the long run.

Clear all moss/weeds from stoney pathways and areas

Why: Autumn is a growing season for plants in the UK but also for moss and weeds. With more frequent rain this can cause the moss and weeds to spread. Especially with moss, when it is mixed with water, subsequently turning to ice, it can become a serious slip hazard.
How: very simply, ensuring that any stoned or paved areas are cleared by your landscapers will prevent any moss/weed build up, nullifying the hazard.

Test communal doors

Why: wooden doors expand and shrink depending on the weather so any door exposed to the weather should be checked so that maintains not only the buildings security but also keeps the cold weather out.
How: a simple visual check and further monitoring should suffice. Any problems noted on our monthly site inspections.

Clean bin store

Why: Bin stores can become a untidy and overflow at any time so before it becomes a health hazard and more obviously, cause an awful stench, it should be attended to.
How: a bin store clear and disinfection is an affordable solution, quarterly should prevent any issues from arising. We also provide the details of when the bins are collected and how to get rid of bulk items which helps as the best way to prevent a problem is to educate people in the first instance.

Clean carpets

Why: purely an aesthetic issue but with the rain comes mud and dirt being carried through the common areas.
How: our preferred cleaners can all arrange for a carpet clean in the building so a deep clean can be arranged efficiently.