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Strangford Management work with Directors of Management Companies, Resident Freehold Companies, RTM’s and many more, to provide a transparent, forward thinking and professional management service, across London and the South East. We make a meaningful and measurable difference to our developments and the lives of the Directors we work with.

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As a firm of experienced, London Block Management specialists, we provide an efficient, simplified and proactive approach to the management of your building, 24 hours a day, placing customer satisfaction as paramount to our success. With over 40 years’ experience block property management throughout London, we combine traditional values with innovative, modern management methods.

Why we are unique:

We pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd, consistently reviewing our systems and processes to ensure you receive the very best management service.

Here are 3 main differences that set us apart from your current agent:

Each client is assigned a full team of professionals, including a Property Manager, a Junior Property Manager, and a Client Accountant. This ensures you are allocated enough time and attention for all your development needs.

We leverage the latest technology including specialist inspection apps, compliance software, specialist block management CRM systems, and many others, to ensure true efficiency, allowing us to provide you with a more personal service.

We structure our management fee to be all-inclusive, meaning you pay a singular, transparent fee for the whole year, with no hidden costs, and no additional add-ons.

A few success stories....
Marlborough, SW3
The Problem:
Meeting with the Directors of the development, we were informed that the managing agent in situ had been managing the building for quite some time which had lead to extensive apathy in their approach. Delays had been occurring with projects and communication had become so poor that the Chairlady was subject to over 2000 emails per annum from leaseholders. The lack of a strategic approach had also led to avoidable delays in day-to-day management issues causing frustration with the general leaseholders too.

The Solution:

Having commenced management at the start of 2018, we worked alongside the Directors to prepare a strategy to introduce a collection of procedures to re-educate leaseholders on the process of engagement with the Directors and ourselves, leading to a dramatic improvement in the speed of resolution as well as an overall reduction in the amount of time spent on day to day issues by the Directors.

With the help of the Directors, we also reviewed the accounting procedures, providing monthly reports to build confidence in our management, which has led to better budget control overall.

Key Accomplishments:

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Lamb's Passage, EC1

The Problem:

In a similar vain to Marlborough, Lamb’s Passage had worked with the same agent for a number of years which seems to have led to an overall sense of apathy. This lack of a proactive approach led to the Directors becoming overly involved in the day-to-day management of the site, causing frustration with both the Directors and the leaseholders alike, overall delays in resolution of the issues but also poor quality of resolutions leading to repetitive visits by contractors. 

The building also has a confirmed case with the NHBC in regards to the cladding on the exterior of the building which Strangford is supporting the Directors with.

The Solution:

Upon our commencement, it became clear that contractor management had not been a priority and therefore a full review of the current contracts in place was undertaken, subsequently replacing any failing contracts for better value.

Frustrations had occurred through a lack of financial transparency and therefore the introduction to our monthly financial reports improved the conversations surrounding finance, making budgeting easier and accurate.

The building and subsequently the Directors were suffering from the lack of day-to-day procedures in place, with the emphasis on the Directors and concierge to take up that slack. We introduced tailored procedures in order to re-educate leaseholders on how to report issues, what permissions were required, timeframes for resolution, and so on, leading to an improved level of communication and more satisfied leaseholders.

Key Accomplishments:

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Strangford Management Ltd are members of ARMA, regulated by the Property Ombudsman and ICO, as well as an Authorised Representative Firm through the FCA. All our Property Managers are trained and qualified through the IRPM and adhere to the RICS Code of Conduct.

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