Client Referral Scheme

Here’s the deal: We love having you as a client so much that we’ve cooked up something special to say thanks.
Introducing our client referral scheme — a no-fuss way to benefit from simply sharing a good thing.
Refer a friend to us using the form here and if we end up taking over the management of their building, we’ll return the favour by paying you £500!
Because good things, much like laughter or a secret family recipe, are better when shared. So go ahead, tell your circle, and let the mutual back-patting commence!

What happens next ?


A member of our team will get in touch with your contact to discuss the potential management of their building


If we win the contract, we shall contact you to arrange payment of £500 directly to your bank account on the same day we start 


 We will also send you a payment statement so you have a record of this

'Thank you, from the team at Strangford Management Ltd'