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Strangford Management is perfectly positioned to provide you with unrivalled management encompassing world class customer service, on a local scale. We deliver a holistic approach to the management of your home, providing measurable, ongoing value from the moment we commence our management service. We tailor our services to the individual client whether that be a Resident Management Company (RMC), Right To Manage Company (RTM), Freeholder or Developer, having had successful experiences with each we understand that there is no ‘standard service’ that can be provided. Each Strangford Management client receives the following contractual commitments:
Property Manager

Each Property Manager will manage a maximum of 15 Properties/Clients making them accountable for one of the smallest ‘Properties per Property Manager Ratio’ portfolios in the industry.

Online portal

We will provide you with your own online portal dedicated to your property, giving a wealth of information on your property including real time updates, how to guides, property announcements and much more.

Real time status updates

You will receive real time status updates on your property maintenance works as well as regular contracts such as cleaning and gardening, from any location, at a time that suits you.

Real time accounting
  • You will receive regular, statistical analysis through our innovative market leading technology, providing in depth information on the management of your home, this is all accessible whenever and wherever you are.
  • With real time accounting, you will have access to the most transparent individual (such as statements and invoices) and whole (such as service charge balances, arrears levels) financial information at your convenience.
Strangford Management
  • You will have access to Strangford Management preferred supplier list of contractors, making it convenient to have personal works completed by local companies with expert knowledge in the area.
  • After conducting an initial 30 day site review in which we provide all clients with a detailed action plan, we commit to monthly site inspections. Using our innovative site inspection technology, you will be provided not only a detailed review of the building condition but statistical analysis highlighting the value of Strangford Management as your preferred agent.

What makes our block management service different?

At Strangford Management we understand the needs of Leaseholders, matching these with our own high standards.

It can be difficult these days to compare Managing Agents to decide which is best for you so we have put together the top 3 reasons why Strangford Management are the best block management company for you.

– We are the first company in London to provide our clients with a
single management fee for all services (example below):

– We provide a digital, on demand information portal for each leaseholder, allowing them to download documents,
check finances, get repairs and maintenance updates as well as pay invoices.

– We have formed partnerships with central London professionals, from contractors to lawyers, giving our clients
access to exclusive buying power as well as the most up to date professional advice.

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