Are you tired of how much time you spend chasing your Managing Agent?

You have to constantly chase for updates on repairs, feeling like there is no control over what your agent spends, your property manager takes weeks to respond to you…..we know, we have heard all the stories.

We think it’s time for a change and that’s why we created ‘The Strangford Way‘, our unique approach to block management which ensures each client receives ample amounts of attention, a proactive responsive team, and a results based performance

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The results you can expect with us:

In addition to our experienced team of experts, and our team of award winning employees, our overall approach to management stands out, here are some of the key points you need to know:

⭐Each client is assigned a team of experts including a Property Manager, Junior Property Manager and a Client Accountant meaning everyone receives the amount of attention they deserve.

⭐We are strict in providing monthly digital reports on finances, repairs and maintenance as well as compliance meaning you can rest assured that you are kept in the picture at all times.

⭐We have got rid of hidden charges, we only charge a single management fee per flat, per year, so you always know exactly what you are being charged at all times. That's our committment to full financial transparency.

Our unique approach sets us apart

We focus on 3 key areas to provide a complete and robust management service to Directors and their leaseholders.

The diagram to the right is a visual representation of our approach, The Strangford Way©.

Our methodology allows us to consistently achieve results for each and every client, nomatter the size or location.

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Visual representation of The Strangford Way methodology

Memberships & Regulations

Strangford Management Ltd are members of ARMA, regulated by the Property Ombudsman and ICO, as well as an Authorised Representative Firm through the FCA. All our Property Managers are trained through the IRPM and adhere to the RICS Code of Conduct.

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