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The Strangford Management Story

Who are we?

Strangford Management was founded by Michael Paul who having worked in the property management industry for over a decade understood how the changing needs of Leaseholders left an opportunity for a company with traditional values and an innovative, engaging approach to change the experience Leaseholders have with a London Managing Agent.

How do we achieve that?

Well we started by looking at the changing needs of people these days and realized that people want information and results quickly, sometimes in an instant, for instance Netflix, Uber, Online Banking all provide services that are technology focused and provide you with the results you want, instantly.

Then looking back at the property management industry, we noticed that it is still fully dependent on the property manager providing the service and with those property managers come inefficiencies, staff changes, slow response times to your questions and general human errors.

So we thought, what if we could create a company that provides the personal attention and experience that a great property manager provides, but with the support of technology to provide that on-demand, instant results facility.

So out of that, came, Strangford Management.

Our clients have an experienced Property Manager, assistant and accountant assigned to them who undertake the financial administration, day to day maintenance and contracts, attend meetings on site, complete company secretarial functions, insurance compliance and placing insurance policies, management of major works and so on. To make sure we are providing the best value for money, we carry all of that for 1 single management fee per year, in fact we are the only company in London to provide this service for only 1 charge per year.

In terms of the technology we use, we provide and host a building portal for our clients which includes updates on repairs, downloadable documents such as insurance policies and site inspection reports as well as real time financial information. So this is all included in that single management fee per year.

Our Team

With over 40 years of experience managing buildings in London, our team is made up of experienced individuals including Property Managers, Accountants and Administrative support.

The Strangford Management team includes our office manager, property management assistant and administrators, all who are involved in the management of our client’s buildings.

With our office in the City of London, we are never more than 30mins away from our clients ensuring our availability at all times.

The Strangford Management team is led by:

Michael Paul

Managing Director

Michael has managed high end central London buildings for over a decade. He is responsible for company growth as well as ensuring clients receive a personal, experienced and professional management service

Wick De Silva

Head of Accounts

Wick is a Chartered Certified Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in the property industry. Wick ensures each client’s financial health is micromanaged on a daily basis.

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